The Laundry Monster

I am an overachiever, I want it all...and I'm convinced I can have it all, but I've realized that its just going to take a bit of work.

What defines 'all'?  Well, at this moment, as I sit on my un-made bed writing this post surrounded by three baskets of unfolded laundry that I should be folding and putting away, 'all' is characterized by:
     - a nice, clean house, neatly organized with everything in its place, and a place for everything
     - enough 'me' time to do everything I want to do (like write this blog, for instance)

Being a full-time, 40+ hours a week 'Working Mother', means that time is limited and it is tough to get EVERYTHING done.  In an ideal world, I would come home from work, play with Roland, cook dinner, put him to bed and do ALL of the chores necessary to keep the house functioning just like Bree from 'Desperate Housewives' (wouldn't that be great?!?).  Laundry would be done every night and the house would be glistening as I ventured off to 'dream' land.  Like I said, 'ideal.' The reality is that with the limited time I have, some things can't be 100%...but I'm determined find a way to make things work.

A Nice, Clean House, Neatly Organized with Everything in Its Place and a Place for Everything
I actually reached out for help and hired a cleaning lady, Sandra to do the heavy cleaning once a month and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this to all Working Mothers!  With time being limited, why on earth would I want to spend quality time away from my family to clean the house? (Thanks for the recommendation, Sarah!!) The cost is minimal and there's nothing like coming home after a long day at work to a fresh lemon-scented house with glistening, mirrored hardwood floors and windows so clear, even a bird could mistakenly fly right through! They even move the furniture...no more dust bunnies behind the night-stand!

Recommendation #1: Cleaning Lady!

I also discovered the downfall to a messy house...laundry.  After Sandra came in March, I was determined to keep the house nice and orderly until her next visit in late April.  Every morning before work, I asked the Hubby to make the bed, while I started a load of laundry.  Then, when I came home from work, I folded the clothes in the dryer and put them away.  The wet clothes from the washer went into the dryer and I started the cycle all over again.  It was AMAZING that something so simple and quick (do you know it takes less than 10 minutes to fold laundry and put it away?!) could help keep the house so orderly!  Of course, doing laundry every day means that the loads are smaller and hence takes less time to put away.  

We decided to travel back to Western PA for an Easter visit and upon our return, the house has yet to return to normal.  I have three baskets to be put away, two suitcases waiting to be emptied...and everything else just seems to be out of order.  All because the Laundry Monster has returned, but not for long!

Recommendation #2: Make your bed daily!
Making your bed is so simple and it gives the appearance that you've done more than you actually have!

Recommendation #3: Make an effort to do one (1) cycle of laundry daily!

I'll let you know when the Laundry Monster decides to leave...

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