Welcome to 'The Diary of a Working Mother'

Mother, Wife, Daughter, CEO (of the house, of course!), Sister, Leader, Employee, Volunteer, Mentor…sound familiar?  Chances are, the titles above describe a fraction of the actual roles you hold in your life and the number of times your brain switches from one role to the next throughout the day (let alone a minute) is endless.  

On March 24, 2010 at 4:36 am, I continued my journey with a new and added purpose: Motherhood. The first three months were wonderful.  Yes, they were filled with sleepless nights, constant wonder of “Am I doing this right?” and less than desirable communication techniques.  All common struggles among first time parents.  

However, on June 28, 2010, I realized that I was faced with a new struggle as I transitioned back to work as a full-time working mother.  I wasn’t able to focus all of my energy on my little bundle of joy.  Somehow, for those three months, I was able to escape the reality of cooking, cleaning, laundry (thanks to my Hubby) and focus on little Roland.  On June 28th, it was back to life, as I once knew, only with a HUGE added responsibility.

The past year has been nothing shy of a top-ranked, emotional theme park roller coaster ride.  You can say I’m on the runway, as I’ve just barely started my journey as a full-time Working Mother.  Looking back at my pregnancy, I realized that in the numerous books I’ve read to help prepare me on my journey, not one provided any advice, shared any insight or provide guidance on how to cope with the emotional ups and downs, tug-of-war and guilt (at least that’s the primary feeling I experienced in the first year) you experience as a Working Mother. 

To caveat, I am not a licensed psychologist or child development expert.  The information that I hope to share with you is solely based on my experience and the “Aha!” moments and lessons learned along the way is my attempt to help inform my fellow Working Mothers (or to-be-working mothers) of slight modifications that can be made to your everyday life to help manage the territory that comes with being a Working Mother.  

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