The First Vacation...Without

The Hubby and I grew very fond of our yearly vacations...we loved the planning, anticipation and most of all, the ability to experience new cultures.

We started our vacationing in 2005 when we decided to get married in Hawaii and honeymoon on NCL's Hawaiian Island Cruise on The Pride of America.  In 2007, we ventured to the Caribbean with NCL and visited Honduras, Belize, Cozumel and the Bahamas.  In November of 2008 and March of 2009, we decided to again cruise the Caribbean...yes, the Caribbean sun is hard to pass up! We toured the nutmeg factories in Grenada "The Spice Isle",  the Baths in Virgin Gorda and we loved the friendly people of Dominica.  Every vacation spawned a new appreciation of this wonderful world we live in and provided much needed R&R.

The Baths in Virgin Gorda

Nutmeg Factory in Grenada

Beautiful Port in Dominica

Our last vacation occured in June of 2009 - we returned to Hawaii and visited our wedding spot, traversed the infamous 'Road to Hana' and spent a few days in the authentic Hawaiian Island of Molokai.  Coincidentally, nine months later, Roland IV was born... a trip to the Phallic Rock in Molokai may have helped.

Phallic Rock in Molokai
The first year of parenting can be tough.  It has been the absolute best year of my life, I've grown in ways I never knew possible, yet it was speckled with bits of mis-communication and mis-interpretations.  The Hubby and I have a fantastic relationship -  we have worked through the hard times of the year and finally understand the need and effort required to sustain a great relationship.  Together, we made a very difficult and exciting decision... to resume our annual vacations.   It will be a vacation without Roland (but I think Roland will LOVE being spoiled by his loving Nonna!)

Some may call it selfish, I think it's well deserved!

Join me over the next few weeks as I prepare for the vacation and experience the emotional ups and downs of leaving the little one for a week!


  1. I don't think it's selfish at all! If you can do it, GO FOR IT! Will Bernie be watching him? I worked with Bernie at IUP when I was a student worker. I know she will absolutely ADORE having Roland for a week! Enjoy every moment of your vacation and a well-deserved break from being a mommy...you need this time of R&R and you'll be a better mommy afterward! Can't wait to hear where you're going!

  2. Hi Brandy! I thought that might be you!! Yep, Mom is going to watch Roland! We're very excited...however, there's much more to do/plan for with the little dude!