Sick Time: The Croup Returns

After a fun and exciting day of playing with Roland, I put him to bed and continued on with my weekend chores.  It was time to finish the laundry and make a quick trip to the grocery store for the essentials, plus, I was excited to pick up ingredients for our Cinco de Mayo dinner.  I decided that we would use the themed 'holidays' to try out new flavors and foods that we don't typically consume.  

I returned from the grocery store around 8:30 PM and realized that I still had to prepare Roland's food for daycare on Monday...(heavy sigh) it doesn't end.  After battling the Laundry Monster all day (and making significant progress, I might add), I was ready for some relaxation.  Sensing my frustration, Hubby came up with a fantastic recommendation, "Why don't we get up early tomorrow, eat breakfast and drink our coffee while watching the morning news and prepare his food."  It was a GREAT idea! We could spend time unwinding on the couch before bed and then start our day off on the right foot! I was really looking forward to it.  

We eventually made our way to bed and after an hour or so in dreamland, I heard a noise...bark, bark, bark.  What was that? Bark, bark, bark...I know I wasn't dreaming of seals playing with each other at the local zoo.  Bark, bark, bark...as I slowly opened my eyes, I realized that my fear was true.  The Croup Returned!  

Poor Roland was on fire.  He had a temperature of 102 (high, but still under the limit for the emergency room temp of 103.5 degrees).  I scooped him out of bed, wrapped him in a blanket and headed for the cool air outside.  After 15 minutes of admiring the night sky, we went back inside to get some tylenol and rock back to sleep.  It was 1:15 am at this point.  I rocked him to a relaxed state and put him back in his bed...9 minutes of silence, and then the crying and barking returned.  I tried to rock him, but he is growing so fast that it is hard for me to comfortably rock him in the rocking chair.  I knew he wanted to sleep, but was too uncomfortable with the fever and the barking.  So, utilizing my out-of-the box thinking style, I decided to crawl in the crib with him.  I rubbed his back until he calmed down, and I stepped out.  He was in the relaxed state, awake, but comfortable and drifted off to dreamland.  

The alarm went off at 5:30 am, just 3.5 hours after I went to bed.  I quickly decided to swap our morning date with more sleep (that's a no-brainer!) Roland woke up at 7:00, still very much congested with a slight bark, not nearly as bad as last night and a mild fever.  Daycare restricts attendance when a fever is present, so now we were faced with a decision...who was going to stay home?   Unfortunately, we have no family in the area so when Roland is sick it's either myself or the Hubby that stays home. I work in a slightly more flexible environment than the Hubby, so barring any customer meetings, I'm the one who usually stays home, catching up on work during nap times and working longer hours for the remainder of the week.  

My plan and assumption for the plans for the week quickly changed in just a few hours.  

Working Mothers: How do you handle sick time?  Are your employers flexible allowing you to accommodate, incorporate and balance your work and home requirements?  


  1. Sick time is SO hard! Hang in there. If I've learned anything it's to always have a back up plan and expect the unexpected. This too shall pass.

  2. I agree with the previous poster. I work at a daycare and they are usually very flexible if I have to leave. The nice thing is that I do have my in-laws around the area to watch the girls if they are sick, but I try not to use them too much. I'm usually the one who does stay home with them since my job is more flexible than my husbands. Having sicknesses in the household is definitely not fun! Hang in there!

  3. Thanks Susan and Brandy! Roland is definitely on the mend. I trusted my motherly instinct and took him to the Dr. on Monday afternoon. They confirmed the croup and prescribed a steroid to prevent the croup from getting any worse. Couple that with the humidifier, and vapor plug in and he's doing much better!