T-7 til Relaxation

One of my goals since starting this blog has been to be a bit more consistent with my postings.  It seems as though every second of every day is accounted for...work, daycare pick-up, kiddo dinner, playtime, kiddo bedtime, our dinner, laundry, more work, quickly check Facebook, bedtime.  Add preparations for a trip to the myriad of other 'to-dos' and voila, no free time :/  I could give up sleep, but I just love it too much...and find myself wanting more than 6 hours a night.

Thus, the only time for my 'creative space' is the weekend, so I can promise you at least a few posts over the weekends!  I've realized (AH-HA!) that if I'm going to be more consistent in my postings, I need to actually 'pencil' it into my schedule.

If you'll recall, last weekend, I made lists.  Lists and lists of what we needed for vacation, and for Roland and Nonna.  I'd like to say that I've made progress on the lists throughout the week, but no.  The anxiety picked up of having less than 4 days until I leave for Dallas and I realized that I needed to get serious about getting ready.

The Hubby, Roland and I ventured out to do some shopping for the trip.  During naptime, I organized Roland's snacks and drinks for the week and did some meal planning.  The bottles and cups are organized by day (2 bottles - one for the morning and one before bed, one mid-day milk cup, and a water cup).
Cups Labeled by Day

Roland is still on the bottle when he wakes up and before bed.  We've decided to wean him from the bottle after the vacation.  In case you're wondering, we use the Tommee Tippee design for bottles and cups and I would HIGHLY recommend them!  We had no problem going from breast to bottle and vice versa in the early days.  They really are intuitive for them to use, too!

Lazy Susan Neatly Organized

The snacks are organized so that Nonna can go to one place and pick the snack based on the meal plan (no, he will not have all the snacks that are labeled, I organized it so she would have options in case he gets picky!) I return from my business trip on Thursday so I plan to do the grocery shopping on Friday and organize the refrigerated snacks (fruit, veggies).

Speaking of the meal plan...I LOVE notebooks and notepads of all sorts.  I have a notepad that is organized by the days of the week - perfect for laying out Roland's meals and snacks and easy to follow for Nonna.

All in all, I'm not in too bad of shape.  Tomorrow's agenda - packing!


  1. welcome to the blog world :) saw your post on bloggy moms. Wow you are uber organized, can I get some of that. lol
    look forward to reading more on your blog, have a great day!

  2. Hi Christa

    Thanks so much for the comment! I'm trying to be organized as much as possible but realizing you need to start small...very small :)

    Great blog site, too and congrats on the 5k!! Looking forward to reading more!