A Tale of Two Breasts

The Hubby and I decided from the beginning that I was going to give breastfeeding a chance.  No one in my immediate family had ever tried to breastfeed and there wasn't a lot of hope that I was going to be successful, but I was determined to make it work.  I took classes, read books and utilized the Breastfeeding Support group at our local hospital.  And I was convinced the side effects from breastfeeding wouldn't happen to me.  I was certain that I would go from a borderline A/B cup to a solid B and stay as perky as ever.  Yes, you can say I was definitely a naive expectant mother.  

I watched my breasts transform before my eyes.  Every month that passed during the pregnancy brought an increased confidence in my chest.  I was proud to sport the new found cleavage and found my self feeling comfortable in the low cut shirts, contrary to pre-pregnancy (not that I ever lacked self confidence before... I knew that I was an A cup and was proud of it however pregnancy let me experience something I never had before.)  

The few days after pregnancy they went through another transformation, from a Pamela Anderson style to an Anna Nicole Smith...and I'm not joking, not even a little bit.  After a few weeks, they settled down to a nice perky B cup - very nice!  I was quite pleased and was convinced that what everyone said in the books just didn't apply to me.  "My breasts look great!" I remember thinking.  "Sagging, deflated breasts...they must not have been breastfeeding correctly."  

Fast forward one year...and I'm suddenly faced with a "What in the the hell happened!"  I went from a pre-pregnancy perky A/B to a solid perky B to a deflated negative AA.  Yes, negative AA.  I totally lost my chest.  As you faithful readers know, we're preparing for a vacation.  Part of the preparations included the check to make sure my post-pregnancy body could fit into my pre-pregnancy bathing suits.  As I tried on my favorite black string bikini, I was faced with a horrific sight.  Picture a 20-something woman with curves coupled with a pre-teen in a training bra.  Eek!  From the hips down, I look great...however I lost some proportionality in my upper half.   Not a good look with the string bikini!  I realized that this is EXACTLY the situation Oprah has in mind when she does her summer bathing suit makeover shows...knowing what works with your body and what doesn't.  So, it was off to the mall to find some new bathing suits in preparation for the trip.  

So what is the purpose of this post?  Well, a few things...
1. Your body just doesn't go back to 100% normal after babies...no matter how hard you try (unless you opt for the plastic surgery.) 
2. Chances are when people give advice, they speak from experience so there's a bit of truth to it.  

If I had to do it all over again knowing what I know now, would I do it?  Absolutely!  I'm a firm believer that every wrinkle in your skin is there for a reason - laugh lines, sleepless nights, intense work periods and wonderful holiday memories.  I am proud that I was able to breastfeed my little dude and provide nourishment and bond with him for the first 5.5 months of his life. My breasts are proof...and nothing that a Victoria's Secret push up can't fix! 

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