Vacation: The Lists

From the moment we decide to take a vacation, I break out the check lists to help me plan and organize the trip, and to ensure that we don't forget anything.

Typical lists include:

  • Travel Documentation and required items (i.e., Passport, Photo ID, AAA Card, etc.) 
  • Clothing - Swimwear, evening wear, shore-excursion clothing and my all time favorite vacation apparel: yoga pants...it's amazing how you can dress these up or down and they are SO comfortable.  In fact, they are very similar to the maternity pants we love so much!
  • Toiletries - make-up/hair products, hair ties for a quick up-do, and the Hubby's allergy and asthma medication.
Now that we have Roland, I find myself adding to my infamous lists: 

My Mama will be watching Roland while we are away.  While she is familiar with his schedule, there are  few things that I want to ensure I have written down, to help ease her concerns and make me less worried (I think I'm going to be a bit apprehensive during the entire trip, anyway.)  

There are the usual items such as his general schedule, meal planning, how and what type of medicine to give if he gets sick and the emergency contacts including neighbors, close friends and his Doctor.  I plan to have breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks planned out for the entire week.  There are a few things I'm struggling with, such as his sign language.  Yes, sign language.  Roland's daycare introduced him to sign language when he was about 9 months old and from about 11 months on, this has been our primary mode of communication.  I know when he is hungry, wants more or is finished eating, wants milk, is tired, or wants to brush his teeth (seriously...I should post a video, it's hysterical!) I know this isn't a show stopper for taking the trip, but it will definitely help Roland communicate with Nonna and ease his frustration.  
Signing for More Strawberries! 

I also want to make sure I have some meals made for Mom (lasagna, salad) have some reminders of  Charlie's schedule (our dog), directions to the playground, brief how-to's for operating the coffee machine, operating the remote and getting to the "On Demand" station so Roland can watch Sesame Street, Blues Clues and Barney. 

Then there's the one item that no one wants to think about...ever, and was certainly not on my list for prior vacations.  What are our wishes for Roland if something should happen to the Hubby and I.  Ideally, I would never have to think about this however, being a realist and understanding that something COULD happen, I want to be sure I have a plan, our plan, in writing before we leave.  We don't have a Will (and are now realizing how important it is to have one) and the likelihood of us having one drafted up before we leave is slim to none.  I do plan to write down our wishes, check out the available documentation and help guides on LegalZoom and place our information in our safe deposit box at the bank.  HOPEFULLY, this document will just sit in that box and never be used...and I've added one thing to my "to-do" list when we return!

I should add that the vacation is in 14 days, I'll be in Baltimore and Dallas for 4 of those days for work meetings...a lot to do, and not a lot of time.  Now...time to figure out if this post-baby body can fit into the pre-baby bikini's!! 

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  1. Tessa! You'll be in Dallas? As in, next door to your favorite now-Texan???