From Perfectly Organized to Perfectly Chaotic

It seems as though every time I gain momentum or some type of rhythm for my "blog time", something disrupts it...this time, it wasn't so bad. 

In early April, work was fairly quiet.  I was working right around 40 hours a week, work wasn't too demanding.  Some of my projects were coming to an end and I found myself finally catching up on those items that fell to the bottom of my long "to-do" list.  I knew that I had to go to Dallas in mid-May but other than that, life wasn't too hectic. 

My original plan was to take Roland and my mom on the business trip with me; we were going to spend the entire week down in Dallas visting my Aunt Angie.  Mom would get to spend quality time with Roland and Aunt Angie while I attended to the conference.  Coincidentally, she informed me that she would be losing her personal days by the end of June if she didn't use them due to the PA state budget cuts.  For some reason, that triggered something in my brain...  What if Aunt Angie came to NJ and the Hubby and I ended up going on a 5 day mini-vacation / long weekend.  Everyone would be happy - Mom would get to spend quality time with Roland and Aunt Angie and the Hubby and I could finally have some adult time. 

We discussed the plan over Easter.  We figured that if we were going to take 5 days, we might as well make it a full 7 and take our favorite vacation - a cruise!  The planning was on, gears were in motion with a condensed time period.  What cruise do we take?  We've been on Norwegian and Celebrity (our preference is in that order), but the only cruises that were available were cruises that we've already been on and we wanted to experience different islands.  We finally decided on a Carnival Cruise leaving out of San Juan and traveling to St. Thomas, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Kitts and St. Maarten.  I was SO excited I could hardly stand it!

I do think Mom was a tad bit disappointed in not being able to visit with Aunt Angie (turns out she would be traveling to Alaska to vist her nephew on the week we decided to go), but I could hear the excitement in her voice of being able to spend 10 days with Roland, playing but most importantly doing what grandmother's do best...spoiling him!

Right after we decided on the cruise (and I started writing my 'Lists'), things became chaotic at work.  Not only would I be going to Dallas the week before we left, I would now have to go to San Diego when I returned, and then DC the week after that.  My travel schedule was as follows:
     - May 17-19                  Dallas
     - May 20                       Home to pack and get ready for the trip
     - May 21 - 29               Vacation
     - May 31 - Jun 2           San Diego
     - June 6-9                     DC

How, in a matter of weeks, could my life go from perfectly-organized-easy-going-time-to-plan-a-vacation-and-relax to PERFECTLY CHAOTIC! This was crazy! This was the life of a working mother! 

So now, as I sit in the San Diego airport, waiting for the hours to pass until I board the red-eye, and reminiscing over the blur of travel (and some relaxation) over the past three weeks, I've decided on a new approach to the blogging.  An agenda for what's to come in the upcoming month:
- An article on the vacation, relaxation, and reconnecting with the one you love
- A article on Identify Theft - yes, it strikes when you least expect it...in my case, May 20th, my final preparation day for the cruise
- And finally, an article/webpage going back to the original intent of this entire site - a month by month guide to help new moms (and dads) adjust to the demands of the first year of life with your little love!

4 posts...including this one.  Perhaps I'll add a few more, but for now, that's my goal for June!  Hope you enjoy!

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