Meeting: 'Time to Go Home', Attendees: Me & My Kiddo

If you are like me, as the end of the day approaches you find yourself faced with a ton of emotional dilemmas...
  • Should I stay and finish this one last report? 
  • If I could only finish this last task, I could start tomorrow with a clean slate....
  • I need to catch up with my boss...  
  • Ugh...Roland is going on 9 hours in daycare...9.5 hours in daycare...10 hours in daycare, I'm a terrible Mom.  
Yes, it's the never ending battle between work and home and it has been a recurring theme in my life for the past few months.  For some reason, I could never effectively manage my start/stop work routine however that all changed last week.  

From mid-May through the first week in June, I was on a travel extravaganza between business travel and personal vacation: Philly, Dallas, Philly, San Juan, Philly, San Diego and back again.  For those three weeks, I managed to see my little kiddo for a whopping 2 days.  Yep, you read correctly, 2 days.  I returned to work last Monday, June 6th and after managing three weeks worth of email catch up, I wasn't able...correction - didn't make it out of the office until 5:15 at which point Roland was approaching the 10 hour mark at daycare.  Enter stage right: super Mom Guilt and frustration.  I was royally mad at myself.  That was my tipping point...after leaving work that day, I vowed that I would try my hardest to NOT make that the norm.  

So what did I do?  

Well, when I got to work on Tuesday morning, I set up a recurring meeting notice every day at 4:30 with a reminder at 4:15.  My goal was to leave every day at 4:15 when the reminder popped up however if I had to wrap things up, I would leave work promptly at 4:30.  This would allow me enough time to get to daycare, pick up Roland and make it home by 5:00.    

I also communicated with my team, including my boss, to let them know that I would be making an effort to leave every day at 4:30.  I would always be available via blackberry, if some emergency would arise.  Additionally, I have the ability to log in to work from home, at night.  While I don't want to make this a nightly occurrence as I'm a firm believer in work/life balance, it is an option if I need to catch up on work.  

So far, it's working out quite well.  Since I set up the meeting notice, I've been able to leave work at 4:30 and the guilt is out the window!  


  1. I too set a reminder on my outlook calender. My recurring meeting is called "go home." I am a new fan from Bloggy Moms.



  2. Hi there,

    I have a question about your site, would you mind emailing me back @ kthomas@primroseschools.com?


  3. Hi Marsha,

    Glad to see the meeting notice works for you, too! I'm going on two weeks and only had to stay late ('til 5) one day. Not too bad!!

    Thanks for the comment!


  4. Hi Kathleen,

    You should have an email in your inbox ;)