A Personal Challenge

Those faithful followers may have noticed that my posting has been less than normal recently (and my "normal" is defined by approximately once per week).  The reason is due to a new personal challenge - I have decided to run the Disney Half Marathon in January 2012!  

I am not a normal fitness guru.  Fortunately, I have been blessed with good genes and never really had to work to "appear" to be fit.  In truth, I'm probably as far from fit as can be.  So why would I decided to take on such a demanding challenge?  Well, multiple reasons...

In high school, I was selected to take a seminar on "The Seven Habits of Highly Successful Teens" and in that seminar, I had to essentially define my "bucket list" - the list of things I wanted to accomplish in my life time.  One of the items (next to amateur piano competition and learning how to play the harp) was to run a marathon.  In my naive mind, I don't think I realized that a marathon comprised 26.2 miles.  26.2 sounds ridiculous, but 13.1 sounds doable. 

Secondly, the Hubby and I have started to talk about planning for Baby #2.  When I was pregnant with Roland, I ended up on bed-rest at 30 weeks until the completion of my pregnancy - 41 weeks! What a better way to get in shape and do my part to get my body ready for pregnancy mode! 

You may be asking, "Why all of a sudden?"  Well, I recently attended a seminar by Eric Greitens, a Navy SEAL, Rhodes Scholar and CEO of The Mission Continues (a non-profit for wounded veterans) where he spoke of his humanitarian travels during college, his Navy SEAL training and deployment abroad.  I am not yet finished with the book (finding time to do all my hobbies is tough) and will post when I am finished however, I must say that Eric is one of THE most inspiring people I've met.  His message is clear, he is a true leader who "talks the talk, and walks the walk."  The book prompted me to do a lot of soul searching.  In Eric's talk, he used the analogy of a compass and spoke of small changes we can make in our lives that can really change the total course of our lives.  

This is my new challenge and I look forward to learning from those of you that have been through this challenge.  Keep coming back for progress updates! 


  1. I totally think 13 miles sounds doable!! :) John and I did our first lil 5k a couple weeks back and when we started training for it, I couldn't even run one mile without stopping. Now I can run 3 :)
    it's great challenge and goal, good luck to you!

  2. Thanks! My first 5k is this weekend - I am super excited!