I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends (a.k.a. Facetime)

Hopefully right now, you're humming away to the wonderful Beatles song "With a Little Help From My Friends." Fast forward...Maestro - second verse please! 
     What do I do when my love is away.
     (Does it worry you to be alone)
     How do I feel by the end of the day
     (Are you sad because you're on your own)
     No.  I get by with a little help from my friends...

So what do you do when your love is away?  You use FACETIME! 

I was absolutely heartbroken when I found out I was going to be away from my guys on business travel for 13 days.  (Imagine the pity I got from my friends when they found out business travel equaled Hawaii...that's right, I got none.)  

Aside from the 'Vacation Without' the hubby and I took back in May, this would be the first time I would be gone from Roland since he was born.  In fact, this would be the longest I would be away from the hubby in over 9 years.  The hubby and I talked and decided that we would attempt to try out 'Facetime' during my time away.  We failed to test it before I left, so when I arrived in Hawaii, I was skeptical that it would actually work. 

I downloaded the app from 'The App Store', set up my account and literally within minutes, I was talking with my guys - FACE TO FACE!! 

I have never seen little Roland so excited - he picked the phone up, kissed it and gave it a big hug.  You can imagine the huge sense of relief I felt.  Although I wasn't physically there, I felt reassured that he would be just fine away from his Mama.  

In fact, big Roland was quite excited as well! 

So, when you're away from your love, and you're sad that you're all alone at the end of the day...just click 'Facetime' and start chatting! 


  1. I love Facetime! My Mom lives out of town and we use it all the time. So glad you were able to use it on your business trip.

  2. What a neat idea.
    Stopping by from the hop!

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  4. Ok, I am totally jealous of your trip but can understand it is bitter sweet being away from you guys. How awesome that you are all able to see each other and chat.

    I am a new follower from the Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop. If you have a chance come see me at http://messforless.blogspot.com and say hi!


  5. Blog Hop Friends - I survived Hawaii with Facetime!! No idea how I would have gone 13 days without seeing my guys!!