Super Dad (or Mr. Mom?)

I've noticed that every working mother seems to have a similar persona of SUPER GO GETTER meets JACK OF ALL TRADES and MS. FIX-IT while balancing PERFECT PLANNING (or MAINTAINING CONTROL) of all 101 (Dalmatians?) HOBBIES and HOUSEHOLD ACTIVITIES.

Can I just tell you that this past weekend, after 13 days without my guys, a 13 hour flight back from Hawaii and an at-work email inbox full of tons of items that were "due yesterday", I had the blessing of coming down with...THE FLU!

It was horrible, terrible but most importantly, put Mr. Mom back on duty.  Now why in the world would I call it a blessing?  Well, it made me realize again how simply wonderful my hubby is...with a little joking, he graciously accepted the task at hand, again and even took some time to take the little guy shopping for his school picture outfit!  Love, love, love!

It also made me realize that things will still continue to operate, even if I am not in control (how could I be? I was in bed in a feverish stupor!) and to just take a moment to pause and thank God for all of my blessings.

Funny, in a conversation at some point over the weekend, Roland (big) said "How do those single mother's do this?"  High-five to all the single mothers, fathers and parents who know how to step in when duty calls!!

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  1. Your little guy is adorable!! And yes, I wonder too how single parents do it and only have admiration and respect for their strength. It's funny how moms panic when we're out of commission, wondering how the heck the world will and can go on without us. But they do and it's amazing and liberating for us too! I still need to learn how to 'let go' and TRULY believe that things will be fine even when I'm not around :-) Thanks for this post!