A Mother for Choco

A few months ago, my parents came to visit for the weekend and hauled in box after box of childhood memories - from my elementary piano books to my much loved reading books.  We sorted through books, pulled out the ones that were age appropriate for Roland and stored the rest for later.

There is one book in particular that I would like to share with the Mommy Community, "A Mother for Choco" by Keiko Kasza.  It is by far my favorite, for multiple reasons...

The story details Choco's quest to find a Mommy and he realizes that his Mommy doesn't have to look just like him.  Mrs. Bear helps him recognize that its the mother's love and affection (hugging, kissing, playing) that is important in life - not that his mother must look just like him.  

As we progress through our nightly bedtime ritual which consists of at least 10 bedtime books, I often wonder how much Roland is remembering from the stories.  This week, I realized that he's retaining A LOT more than we thought. 

In the story, Choco is all alone and starts crying, "Mommy, mommy, I want my mommy!!" When I read the story, I try to invoke the feeling of the characters through my voice (just as my Grandma did for me!) So when I get to that part, I imitate a sad, sobbing Choco who is desperate to find his Mama.  Choco proceeds to tell Mrs. Bear that a Mommy would hug, kiss and sing and dance with him. 

On Wednesday morning, Roland woke up from his nightly slumber and called for Daddy - "Daddy, Daddy....Daddy" in the exact same voice I use to imitate Choco.  Coincidence...or so I thought...

That night, we were putting Roland to bed and once again, read 'A Mother for Choco.' We got to the part in the book and this time, he imitated Choco in the same voice that I use...'Mommy, Mommy....'  I looked down at him and realized he was in total actor mode - face all scrunched up, sad bottom lip extended - he had the part down.  Perhaps I have a little actor on my hands.

I started writing this blog post this morning.  I was sitting on the floor with the laptop on the coffee table and when Roland saw the image of the book,  he literally put one had on the lid of my laptop, forcing it closed and insisted we go upstairs to get the book.   We got the book and he sat in his rocking chair.  It was clear that he was going to read the book to me.  

He flipped to the page with the Mommy..."Mommy, Mommy...Mommy" he said in a sad voice (he can't say all the words yet. 

"Roland, what does a Mommy do?" I asked.  He immediately extended his hands and gave me a BIG BEAR hug! 

"Roland, what else does a Mommy do?" He puckered up, leaned in and planted a big kiss on me.  

"Roland, what else does a Mommy do?" And he rocked back and forth as though he was dancing. 

To my surprise, shock and amazement, he practically remembered the entire story!! I am absolutely amazed watching the entire learning process first hand.  

I hope you enjoy the book!! 

I would love recommendations on YOUR favorite books, too! 


  1. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed this post. I especially enjoyed hearing about Roland and his cute antics. Adorable. I passed on this post on my Twitter and invited others to share their favorites. Hopefully more will stop by and share. :-)

    My favorites were always Dr. Seuss books, Fraggle Rock or anything about puppies, like Santa Paws.

  2. I love children's books. Keiko Kasza was one of the authors I highlighted in author studies in my 1sr Gr. classroom. I also like these by her: "The Mightiest" and "The Wolf's Chicken Stew". You might also like books by Tomie dePaola and Patricia Polacco. My class always loved author studies; I was always thrilled to see them check out books by "our author" on their own.
    Growing up, I loved poems, Nancy Drew, and Dr. Suess.
    I really liked your post. Happy Reading!

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  4. Hi Kel - thanks for stopping by! I followed you back :)

    @ Carol - thanks for the recommendations on books!! And I must say, I am a HUGE NANCY DREW fan!! ;)