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I was navigating through my dashboard on Thursday night and saw a blog post that caught my eye "Why I'm Leading the Work Love Pray Online Bookclub" by Susan DiMickele.

I just said a few weeks ago that if I had more time (hahaha), I would start or try to find/participate in a book club.  And I also realized that while my blog is titled 'The Diary of a Working Mother', I have focused thus far on balancing the "home" portion and not much effort has been spent detailing the challenges of dealing with the work force.  After I saw the schedule, there was no way I could resist.

The book club will be meeting every Tuesday at 4Word to discuss the books over the next six weeks:
     November 15: Chapters 1-3
     November 22: Chapters 4-6
     November 29: Chapters 7-9
     December 6: Chapters 10-12
     December 13: Chapters 13-15
     December 20: Chapters 16-18

Best of all, you leave your comments on the 4Word blog and don't need to worry if you fall behind! The 4Word website was founded by the author, Diane Paddison, and is a "national nonprofit designed to connect, lead and support young professional Christian women to fulfill their God-given potential."

I went to Amazon, ordered my copy and read the first chapter yesterday (yes, within 24 hours the book was here!) After I read the first question for reflection, I knew I made the right decision in adding yet another activity to my already over-committed schedule (I'm being totally serious!)

1st question: Describe your dream job - either one that you already have, or one that you wish you could have.  

So how about it? Are you up for participating in a book club that will prompt you to look inward and hopefully provide some tips/tricks for balancing and climbing that corporate ladder with Mommy-hood?  I know I am :)

Hope to see you there!

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  1. Yeah! Thanks for joining us and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow!