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As a blogger, I often wonder if my blog posts are relevant, interesting and provide meaningful information to my readers.  I love the comments my readers leave and use that as reassurance that the posts are interesting and appeal to others.  I was pleasantly surprised and excited when Katie from 'Mommy with a Selective Memory' selected my post on "Picky Eater? Perhaps Not." as runner up in the Blue Ribbon Blog Award!


I started this blog with the intent of eventually expanding on and compiling my blogs into a book for Roland so he can gain insight into the transition between 'Husband and Wife' to the start of a family all while balancing work and life at the same time. Thanks for the motivation, Katie!!


Mommy With Selective Memory December 27, 2011 at 9:01 PM  

You are very welcome! It was well deserved and I think other Moms will be happy to have the info. I know that my little guy is the exact same way. He eats three pieces of toast, some cereal and an orange for breakfast but not a bite for dinner. Drives my hubby crazy! Now we both just figure he's got his calories for the day and don't worry about it!! :-)

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