Merry Christmas!

Today was a special day in our family history; it was the first Christmas we spent together as a family in New Jersey.

The hubby and I grew up in western PA and spent every Christmas for the past 29+ years back in good old Indiana, PA (for you trivia lovers - it is the Christmas Tree capital of the world!) We've been in New Jersey since 2003 and typically, every Christmas goes something like this...

We usually make the 6 hour trip back to PA a few days before Christmas, spend Christmas Eve with my family enjoying a delicious home-cooked meal featuring seafood - shrimp, scallops, and my favorite, crab legs! After what is typically a long, long night, we get up early Christmas morning, open some presents and head over to the Hubby's family - an afternoon at Miss Amy's house.  It is a very fun, but hectic few days as we reminisce over years past (ah-hem Roger's 12 hour turkey) and find ourselves with only a few days to catch our breath before the new year starts.

This year, we decided to spend Christmas in NJ since Roland is somewhat aware of Christmas and Santa Claus.  I must say, this had to be the most relaxing Christmas we've ever had and quite memorable too!

Roland woke up around 7:00 this morning and spent the next 1 hour and 45 minutes carefully opening up his Christmas presents.

We enjoyed a beautiful Christmas breakfast (recipe to follow), delicious ham dinner all while spending the day in our Christmas PJs! It was fabulous!

You often hear that 'marriage is the beautiful blending of two lives'; while I believe that to be true, sharing a child has made me appreciate even more the wonderful relationship that I share with the hubby.  As we were wrapping gifts last night, we talked about our favorite Christmas memories we had as children and decided which traditions we would carry over with our family - for example, each child will get a solid color wrapping paper with bows (his favorite) and the stockings will hang in their regular spot, rather than end up under the tree (my favorite).

I did miss seeing our family today and spending the day with them, but I thoroughly enjoyed making our own memories!

Merry Christmas!!

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  1. Love the pictures. I was also over the running around this year and chose to do a simple Christmas Breakfast with the family. New follower from the blog hop.