I'm Addicted to SEWING!

The one thing I DID NOT need this year was another hobby to add to what seems to be my endless list of things I LOVE to do...the more things I try, the more I like, which means I have to divide my time up even more.  Oh well...life's good!

My latest creation which I'm EXTREMELY proud of...  my second creation of the Amy Butler Sunday Sling pattern. The fabric is Caravan by Malori Wells for Free Spirit and Rowan Fabric Aboriginal Dot.  Love, love, love!

I started the bag last Saturday, and finished up the final blind stitch hem this evening.  Not too bad!!

I'm taking a basic quilting class at The Little Shop in Haddonfield so stay tuned for pics from that project!

Happy Sunday!


  1. love the bag :)... your newest follower via the hop. you can find me at http://purplechronicle.blogspot.com/

  2. Wow, great bag!!! I used to love sewing....don't know what happened, though. You have a lovely blog, stopping by from "Blog Frog" by the way.