The Valentine's Day Goal

Over the past year, I found out that I’m either really good at planning and organizing my work OR really good at planning and organizing home, but the marriage of work and home has proven to be quite difficult.  One of my New Year’s Resolutions focused on adopting something that I learned nearly 10 years ago in a Stephen Covey course focused on ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People”: plan yearly, plan monthly, plan weekly and plan daily.  (Isn’t it something how you often have to learn something on your own to make it a reality?)

Last year, I found that I often waited until the last minute to RSVP for a birthday party, party gifts were purchased the day of, Halloween treats and anything needed for school was last minute.  Being a self-declared organized planner, this last minute stuff had to go.  I needed to do something about it – but what? We have so many fantastic tools and apps at our disposal to help organize our lives.  I am an old soul and have yet to find something that I like more than my old fashioned planner. 

So, ‘how’s it going’ you might ask.  Well, so far so good! We have had 6 birthday party invites this year and each RSVP occurred within days of receiving the invite; a trip to Target or other appropriate store occurred within the week, cards were purchased, gift receipts were taped to the inside.  As far as school goes, I knew that I wanted to make special Valentine’s Day treats for Quattro to take to his friends.  I laid out an effective plan (decide what to make and when to make them) and stuck to the schedule and I must say, I was so pleased when the treats were complete a day in advance.  It definitely felt good when I received a compliment on how cute the treats were from a fellow Working Mama! 

The treats were simple heart shaped Rice Krispie treats on a stick with pink and red chocolate drizzled over the top.  A heart shaped nametag was created with my Cricut machine and the treats were finished with a red or pink bow. 

There definitely is something to planning – it’s a way of life, a way to improve your life and reduce the stress that comes with being a full time working mother and having a full time career.  I’m happy to say that the first two months have been quite successful so far!